Greenhouses Hydroponic or Aeroponic growing

MORE LIGHT, MORE RESISTANCE, MORE VOLUME For all your projects of protected crops
For all your projects of protected crops

Hydroponic or aeroponic growing, combined with modern greenhouse technology, is referred to as controlled environment agriculture.

Greenhouse structures that incorporate this technology create an environment in which premium crops can grow year round. Modern greenhouses can protect our plants from outdoor pollutants, as well as contamination from birds, rodents, harmful insects, and plant diseases.

Most importantly, controlled environment agriculture protects our environment by reducing or eliminating harmful pesticides, and saves our natural resources by recycling water and minerals required for plants to grow.

Pest Control
Natural or environmentally friendly forms of pest control are becoming very popular in agriculture throughout the world. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) utilizes mechanical, chemical, biological, and good management practices for pest control.

Pests affecting crops range from animals such as rodents or birds, to insects such as caterpillars and spider mites to plant diseases caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria. In the past, farmers would simply spray a pesticide or fungicide on a crop to control harmful insects or diseases. In recent years, however, scientists have found that many of these chemicals were harmful to people and indiscriminately destroyed beneficial insects.

Protected growing systems can utilize both hydroponic and organic techniques to provide a healthy and nutritious alternative to conventional, pesticide-laden produce.


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